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Online Introduction to


by Mabel Quiller Couch

Cornwall is the part of England closest to America, separated from us only by the Atlantic Ocean: just a tiny swim away.

In earlier times, without modern transportation, it was isolated from the centers of England. The coast was a dangerous one in many spots. Because of that remoteness, the legends and fairy stories that arose here are peculiarly their own.

The deposits of tin, have made Cornwall famous since ancient times and, like the ocean, were great natural resources for the locals. Both figure largely in the local legends there.

Mabel Quiller Couch, was the sister of a famous English author, Arthur Quiller Couch. However, she has received no more than a side note by his biographers. She clearly is a wonderful author in her own right, and deserves her own entry!

Now you can read her wonderful collection of tales and legends from her home.

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Cornwall’s Wonderland