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This collection of Medieval Literature is one of the very few texts which includes something by Froissart besides his Chronicles, translated into English, which is also here on Elfinspell (400 of 1800 pages up so far). It is as wonderful as any of his history's fans could expect, too.

Along with that, however, there are some other interesting translations that widen the window to the Middle Ages, so we can compare and contrast those tastes, desires, hopes and dreams, as well as whines with ours of today.

Another blessing, Shackford's introduction isn't too painful (for a change): short and simple.

Lastly, to compare with the prose translation of Sir Orfeo on Elfinspell, you can now see the verse version in this text.

So step right in:

Legends  and  Satires  of
Medieval Literature,

Edited  by
Martha  Hale  Shackford.


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