created to address a critical need, tactfully,


                 Luann Overstreet & Susan Rhoads

 Get it, laugh, give it, get laughs, and do good all at the same time!

    The gift that diplomatically but directly confronts a common personality
    quirk that impairs the quality of a few (hopefully a few) of our relationships.  

    Doesn't it amaze you, when people think that just because we are honest,
    that we are stupid, simple-minded and incredibly gullible ???

    From politicians to those nearest and dearest to our hearts, oftentimes, the
    mere fact that we are honest, makes those who aren't, think they don't have
    to bother to tell us good lies.

    It's downright insulting that those less ethical sorts, don't even bother to fib
    well, or can bother to get their whoppers straight!

    Here's how you can tell them either to improve, or give up the habit,
    because you're on to 'em.  A gift of My Liary, from you to them, is the
    indisputable proof that they have the wrong sucker.  It's a tool to help them
    hone their skills, so you, the giver,  may hope to remain in blissful ignorance
    of their failings some fine day -- if they can't seem to amend this little
    character flaw.

    It's 82 pages (and one of the authors or both, Luann Overstreet or Susan
    Rhoads, will autograph it, if you wish):

                                                    MY LIARY

a journal to record all my fibs, white lies, and larger distortions of the truth

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              Jenkins, Kentucky
             U. S. A.  41537
Title Page to My Liary, a journal to record all my fibs, white lies, and larger distortions of the truth, published by Elfinspell, Jenkins, Kentucky, USA

    There are quotes scattered throughout My Liary.  All funny,
    all gently satirical, and all pithy.

    These tidy sayings are tongue-in-cheek comments on the art
    of fibbing, which clearly has a long and famous history.  The
    authors of the quote, shared your feelings as far back as 3000
    years (plus or minus a century or two).

    Illustrations from cartoonists, of the late 1800's and the early
    1900s, have been added as well.  These artists were popular
    in English and American magazines back then.  The funny,
    quirky pictures take the sting out of the message to the
    recipient, as you remind them of the need for change: quit
    lying, or get better at it!

      "The best liar is he who makes the smallest amount of
    lying go the   longest way." -- Samuel Butler (1612-1680)
A fling bird in hat looking down on another bird who is flying and startled thogh, looking at a the quote in the journal page of  My Liary

    The quotes, in themselves, form a mini-testimonial through the ages --
    proving that amateur liars are as old as the ability to communicate.   
    Career liars, of course, may exist but there's no proof.  Professional liars
    don't get caught and so their actual existence remains elusive.  

    Ranging from the earliest written records, including the dates and authors
    who coined them, the bits of verse and comments upon those untalented
    beings -- who were caught -- provide a humorous history of the trait.

  Some quotes are newly written and unique to this journal:

    "All Pinocchio really needed was a good plastic surgeon."

-- S. Rhoads
A flluffed chick being talked to my a normal chick who says

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    The rest goes to Elfinspell to pay costs, sponsor new artists and authors to be
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